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Welcome to Keeping It Positive Learning Academy

Our Mission

KIPLA’s mission is to TEACH, TRAIN & MOTIVATE in a professional learning environment, where children are educated and the staff is continually trained through workshops, seminars, early-childhood training classes, and conferences. We will offer training to our parents to keep them active and involved. Our determination to teach children positive affirmation will excel them into GREATNESS.

A child’s world is filled with wonder. As we age, that wonder slowly fades. In those first few formative years, Keeping It Positive Learning Academy maximizes the learning experience for your children through enrichment programs, opportunities for socialization and age-appropriate activities.

We want to be able to incorporate the following critical points of development for your children. These are the things they truly need to be able to get them ready for what’s ahead of them as far as their personal lives and academics will take them.

Social Skills
Children are very eager to meet friends when they start going to school. In our facility, we build their social skill through interaction with other children by giving them various group activities fit for their age group. We can help grow their social skill by doing periodic “show and tell” or let them draw and explain their masterpieces to everyone.

Motor Skills
A great range of motion is needed to be practiced. Little children, especially under 4 years, may be a little shaky to their knees. We have activities that will help children exercise their body and keep them on their tip top shape while improving control. To help improve dexterity, we facilitate art projects, sensory activities, coloring, crafts and hand painting that will help children learn to control their finger’s pressure and grip.

Intellectual Skills
Together with our activities mentioned above, we also incorporate learning the foundational skills they need for school. We forge an academic path that will be fun, entertaining and engaging for children.

Keeping It Positive Learning Academy wants to develop your child’s fundamental skills with our various activities at our learning facility. Would you like to visit our location and see the place for yourself? Schedule a tour here!

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